Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flea markets and the search for terrarium supplies

Everything about miniature worlds fascinates me. Wether in Disney movies, in children's books, in fairytales for grownups or in whimsical glass jars terrariums, I could spend hours watching them and imagining complicated, Alice in Wonderland like scenarios.
So as we went at the flea market again last Saturday, I considered finding a basket full of these miniature wonderful critters to be a sign:)

It's been so long now since I've been wanting to create dioramas, either as a terrarium or as a world in a shadow box!
Now I have to gather more supplies...twigs, acorns, some dried flowers maybe. I already have fake moss, acorn caps and some really beautiful, mysterious rocks from Iceland.

I'm thinking I could have different themes for the dioramas, like maybe a farm, then a woodland scenario with those cute bunnies:)

Definitely a cat&yarn thing scene, a water and rocks scene with the little green plastic flowers and the stork and some playful, vintage style child's room with those adorable puppies:).

I really love those mininature forest themed terrariums in recycled jars, so maybe I will start with one of those and add some clay mini toadstools too.

Among other goodies hidden in an old basket, I had found these vintage wooden stamps, one with a family of penguins and one with a group of cute rabbits. Both in very good condition and for only 50 euro cents each! There was a nice paper corner punch for the same price and I could not leave it behind so I've got it for the same price as the stamps. You can see the small corner motif near the stamped rabbits:) They seem to like it very much!

What other stuff would you use as terrarium or diorama supplies? I would love to hear about it:)


  1. omg, you have so many cute miniatures! the rabbits are my faves!

  2. Thanks! But not as awesome as Mr. Fox here:


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