Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Sewing tutorials for beginners

Learn how to sew a simple zippered case, by Design Sponge.

Go to the tutorial here.

Chic wrist cuff, from J*Casa Handmade`s blog

Find the tutorial here.

Get your sewing supplies together is these extra cute
storage buckets from Handmade Matters.

Find the tutorial in the link above:)


Decorate your couch with this colorful Scrap buster fall pillow by Cluck Cluck Sew.

Get to the tutorial here

I plan to make myself a few of these sweeet pleated headbands from Craftiness is not optional:)

Get the amazing tutorial here.

Prepare some Stitched Christmas Cards  as shown by this Craft Blog.   

See the tutorial here.

This Picnic Caddy from Snowy Bliss would make a great gift for someone who enjoys eating outdoors:)

Get the know how here.

Ever wanted a box pouch? This one is not only easy to make but will surely cheer up your day with it`s bright colors and happy pattern:)

Find the tutorial here:)

I love reinventing old boring t-shirts or cardigans.
Here is one option to do just that:)

Learn how to make a Rose Petal Tee here.

Make something cute and useful for your or your friend`s baby:)

Learn how to sew these pacifier clips from How about Orange, go to the tutorial here.

These are 10 sewing tutorials perfect for beginners. Go and check out these amazingly creative blogs and get inspired! For the above projects you can use any left-over fabrics with great attractive patterns, or just simple plain colorful ones:)

Hope you enjoy these!
Will be back with some felted goodness!


Latest work

Hi fellow crafters!

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my latest work and ideas:)

My mom came to visit me last month so I`ve decided to take full advantage of her sewing knowledge and experience. I`ve wanted to start sewing for a long time, but plans were always set back by the challenge of choosing the right sewing machine or by the abundance of ideas:)

All went away when I`ve found a sewing machine in the street, took it home and repaired it; works like new and turned out to be perfect for beginners:)

As I was dreaming for a long time of sewing canvas bags, all it took was a quick ride to Ikea to by some beautiful fabrics to get me started.

With my mom next to me, this was my first sewing creation:
Loves this fabric and it`s autumn feel. I`ve decided it will be a reversible tote and also added some pockets to fit little treasures we all like to carry around.

If you like it you can find it here, in my Etsy shop:)

It turned out not to be such a difficult project as I expected it to be. So I`ve changed the shape for the next bag, but this second one proved even easier to sew. It is made out of a former couch pillow case that I got on sale at Ikea, as the set was incomplete.

Was actually an easy peasy project, with me only adding the details, making the straps and sewing the inner part.

This is how it turned out:

Available in my Etsy shop, here:).

After these two were finished, I thought I`d take up a project that I`ve decided to finish with no help from mom.

Always loved mini pouches/wallets/cosmetic bags, sewn with love for details and colorful patterns.

So I took my scissors and bits of remaining fabric, my courage and imagination and this was the finished product:

The first one is made of felt that I`ve added some cute details to:) I`m all into details and cute little findings that one can stitch or glue, but I guess you`ve already got that by now.

The Secrets pouch is available in my Etsy shop, here.

This next one was ment as a miniature cosmetic bag for the few must haves (in my opinion :) in a girl`s bag: mascara, powder, gloss and concealer.

Made it with a scrap of canvas that I`ve had laying around for ages. It has a beautiful, forest theme, tree like patterns that I thought would go perfectly with some fabric buttons I`ve recently got on Etsy.

What do you think?

If you like it, it is still available here:)

Well, these are just a few of my latest creations, will be back soon with some felted goodness and some tutorials I find amazing:)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

On the search for the loveliest tutorial...

As I said in my profile, I love sharing great inspirational tutorials I find online, so here are a few ment to brighten up your day (or jump start your inspiration:)

Today is Nature Inspired DIY Day: 

Make simple botanical nature prints, as shown by Lil Fish Studios, here.

Learn how to "make a wish upon a branch", here.

Ever used a hammer on a leaf? Why? Find out here.

Do you like picking up different leaves every time you take a walk through the forest? Make sure they are not to brittle and make some autumn inspired napkins, see how here.

Remember how much fun you had collecting dried plants when you were a kid?

Why stop now? Make some inexpensive room deco as shown by Design Sponge here and here.

I`ve always loved miniature gardens ans this one is just adorable and easy to make, so learn how to bring a little nature to your desk here.

Make this adorable scandinavian clothes hanger, as shown here.

Rustic wood clock. See what you need and how to make it here.

One of my favorites!! I plan to apply this on my balcony`s walls:)

Brighten up your working days` mornings by adding a splash of color to your desk, as seen here.

These are just a few amazing ideas, let me know if you like them and I promise I`ll be back with more next week:)

Hope you had a great weekend,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mini sweet vintage goodies - about to be upcycled

Hello there,

as I have previously shared with you, I am a big fan of flea markets and vintage fairs, and completely addicted to the precious little goodies you may stumble, here are some of my new finds, that I love and plan to upcycle soon, maybe to some new, romantic, vintage looking necklaces? or...maybe rings?

Haven`t really decided yet!

Wait and see.....meanwhile, here they are...

Oh don`t you just looove miniatures!!!!!

These are real porcelain tea pots and cups, really cute and delicately painted, can`t stop looking at them:)

Hope you`ve enjoyed these eye candy and I`ll be back soon with the upcycling result ;)


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Away and back...

Hello my fellow crafters!

I know, it`s been a while...but I`m back now (in english, as you might have noticed:) and this is what I`ve been up to the last couple of months:

- finally opened my Etsy shop which is alot more time consuming than I thought
- changed the name of the blog
- crochet like crazy after discovering Ravelry
- needle felted alot of acorns

These are a few of my latest crochet creations, all available for you to take home:) Please take a sec and check them out in my shop in the right side bar.

I`ve also crocheted some really cute and romantic hairbands, in pastel tones and some autumn colours:

You can also wear the last two ones as a brooch, as the flower can be easily removed from the band:)

I`ll be back in a sec to share some felted goodies...

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