Monday, April 16, 2012

Another glorious day at the flea market

Dear reader,

if you are here it is a good chance that you are as passionate about thrifting as I am. So, I thought I'd make up for my absence by sharing some of my latest flea market finds from last weekend:)

I must say it was one of the best markets in a long time, so if it weren't for the rain to start I'd have most definitely bought double the quantity. For there were soooo many vintage, old, cute, shabby chic stuff that  made my heart pounding like a hammer.

Enough words, here's some eye candy:

vintage porcelain&metal shabby chic pill box

Gucci no.3 mininature perfume bottle
Miss Dior miniature perfume bottle

find the woven chain bracelet tutorial here

vintage porcelain&metal Rococo motif pill box

This botanical theme tea cup makes me crave for my favorite "good night sleep" organic herbal tea blend:)

I love that it has that system inside that makes drinking loose tea so easy and even fashionable:)

loved the charms on this one, couldn't just leave it be in the old box where I've found it

These two vintage sets of tin boxes will make a colorful appearance and brighten up your kitchen shelves.     Or your book shelves. Or your night stand?
5 gorgeous DIY cross-stitch kits (with real wooden frames)

This bag is my favorite find. I've wanted one of those for such a long time, but none that I've seen so far seemed I know why:)

I think it was waiting for me...It's the perfect old school army backpack - inspired bag, with just the right amount of canvas versus leather (not sure it is leather) and metal. And big enough to carry all my stuff around! And was only 3 euros!

Love, love, love it!

Scarves! I can never have enough! Of course I couldn't pass these amazing color combos and textures at prices between 1 and 3 euros...could you? Green is my favorite color, love the warmth of ocre, the softness of the cotton pink one and the rebel feel of the boho-chic pink and brown one:) 

This was pretty much it, left out a pair of jeans and a beanie that weren't that interesting to photograph. I would be over the moon if you'd share some of your flea market finds with me...just to see what other treasures lie around in hidden corners of the world :D

Oh, almost forgot! Also got an old red suitcase that now serves as jewelry storage...and it fits all of it...(almost)...but now it's geting too dark to take a proper photo, so I'll post one tomorrow.

So, till next time, happy thrifting!


  1. Hello Anca,
    Such a lovely blog you have here. It must be so fun thrifting in your town. I like your tin sets. They would look pretty with a bouquet of flowers or even some lavender :) If I were thrifting, I would love to find old postcards, envelopes and letters with beautiful script, and perhaps old office supplies.

  2. Hey! :)

    Organizez la mine pe blog un mic schimb de produse, daca iti face ceva cu ochiul te astept cu o oferta! :)


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